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A Memoir by Kelly Clinger
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Behind the Book

Chubby Girls Don't Cheer is Kelly Clinger's true tale of her life-- from a trailer park in the Bible belt to singing with some of the biggest stars in the world. Kelly's stories of the south-- with its beauty pageants, church services, buffets, and bless-your-heart sentiments-- are expertly woven with her stories of struggle with weight and depression. You'll laugh through tears on this refreshing, authentic journey that speaks to the free-spirited dreamer in all of us.

Where Can You Buy Kelly's Book?

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Everyone always tells me “You should write a book!” I always say, “If I do, I have to get Kelly to write it with me! I absolutely love the way that she writes! Kelly is one of those writers who can write about apple pie & you will smell it baking. You’ll laugh through Kelly’s antics & cry through her struggles. If you’ve lived a southern life, were a fan of *NSYNC, or just want to hear some amazing stories, “Chubby Girls Don’t Cheer” is the perfect read for you.”

Lynn Harless

Mom of Justin Timberlake

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